The ISO 17712 certified and C-TPAT compliance High Security Bolt Seal is the number one solution to seal Freight Containers, Truck Doors, Trailers and Goods Wagons. Very popular in the Shipping, Transport, Air Cargo and Retail industries. A tensile strength of more than 2000 kg prevents opportunistic theft. Removal requires special bolt cutters. Permanent marking of customer name and consecutive numbering or barcode for fast, accurate data capture. Available in a range of plastic colors.

Type of Seal : Bolt Seals
Application : Shipping Container

– Interlocking petals when closed provides evidence of attempted tampering by
– Steel locking body increases security level
– Steel components excel the requirement of a minimum diameter of 18 mm
– Pulling force 2‘000 kg minimum prevents opportunistic theft
– Customer name / logo for clear identification
– Laser engraved numbering – impossible to change, increases security level
– Numbers on bolt and body prevents substitution of component parts
– Hi-Genius is fully ISO 17712:2013 compliant, incl. clause 6 “Testing for Evidence of
Materials Bolt : steel, silver zinc pattern
Body and spring : steel
Coating : Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS)
Tensile strength : approx. 2‘000 kg
Numbering : Directly laser marked, numbered and/or barcoded
Customer name/logo : Directly laser marked
Plastic colours (laser) : Blue, Yellow, Green, White, Pink
Packing : 10 pieces per tray, 200 seals per carton  20 pieces per box, 200 seals per carton

Packing size :

inner box – 280 x 59 x 87 mm mm
carton tray type 405 x 210 x 215 mm mm
box type 310 x 298 x 190 mm

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